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Behavioral IT® - Soft Skill for ERP for Top Managers

Behavioral IT® is a new term coined by Prem Kamble which defines a skill required by all IT and non-IT managers to succeed in this IT Driven corporate world. A unique and must-learn skill for today's top managers!

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Top Manager's Success Kit for an IT-Driven World

IT drives the Corporate world. Managers need to learn to not only adopt to IT-Driven Change, but be able to drive change to succeed. Seminar for Top Managers on IT Awareness.

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Getting Top Managers to Contribute to a Smoother ERP Implementation

Cut Time, Cost and Stress of ERP implementation. Kick off any IT implementation with this seminar to ensure a cohesive team and success.

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Overcome Your Subconscious Fear of Technology

IT is providing us an opportunity to improve effectiveness and grow. But we are missing out on this opportunity. If there is someone to blame for this, it is our own self. All of us suffer from subconscious fear of new technology and a psychological phenomenon that I call "Living-in-the-Past Syndrome"

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CIO's! Create a Strong Bond with Internal Customers

If you are CIO or IT Professional, this is for you.

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CIO Balancing Act and The Great IT Circus

In the Wonderland of Information Technology.

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Managing Software Projects to Delight the Customer

Delight the customer thru timely and to-spec delivery

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CEO's! You can create an Agile Organization

It is well known that companies who succeed are those which have agility to change. What do you as a CEO need to do to create an Agile Organization? 

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HR! Discover your New Role in an IT Driven World

If you are a senior HR Professional, this is your chance to discover a new role in a progressive world. Did you know that the new age has opened new opportunity for you -  a new important role you are best cut out to perform? ....... Download Brochure PDF

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Conducting Effective Meetings

Whether the meeting is for decision-making, or for brainstorming ideas or for simple communication, there are tricks to make each type of meeting successful. This seminar discusses how you as the manager can achieve the meeting objectives..

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Empathise With Your Employees

Knowing thyself helps you know others and to empathize with others. To know others, you need to understand your inner self.

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Knowing Your Inner Self

Understanding your subconscious mind is the key to know yourself better. What is Subconscious Mind and how does it impact our behaviour and our relationships, both personal and professional.

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Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

This seminar explains what is the meaning of Business Process Re-Engineering in a very simple and illustrative way without any business jargon. It shows how being goal oriented or focussing on the objectives can help re-engineer processes.......Download Brochure PDF

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Tips and Tricks for Managers to Save Time and Do More in MS Word and PowerPoint

This seminar contributes directly to reducing manager's fatigue and improving his efficiency by providing little known tips and tricks on MS Word and Powerpoint.

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God in Two Minutes: Free talk on Religious Harmony

A Free talk on my book which promotes religious harmony and tries to bridge the great religious divide. It looks at God and Religion as has never been done before. Cutting across religions, it challenges some of our staunchest beliefs. Ideal for social clubs like Rotary club, Lions club, etc.

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