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Tips & Tricks in MS Word/ PowerPoint
Managers! Save Time and Do More

About the Seminar

The seminar covers how to do common things more effectively and quickly, and also use some great features not commonly used, which can reduce the managers' repetitive jobs

Most of the top managers use the PC mainly for creation of documents or presentations, apart from using the PC for reading and sending mails. Senior Managers' time is precious and the less time they spend on MS Word and PowerPoint to complete their job, the more they can use for other fruitful activities. This would mean a straight saving in money for the company if the managers can save time on such routine activities.

The seminar gives senior managers the tips and tricks of saving time while using these packages to reduce their routine less productive work and help them to focus on their core productive jobs.

Most of the users use a very small fraction of the number of features available with these packages. The seminar helps managers to use the same features faster, more effectively and efficiently, and also introduces some less-used but extremely important features which can reduce their repetitive jobs.

The presentation focuses first on how to do common things more effectively and quickly, and then on how to use some great features not commonly used, which can reduce the managers' repetitive jobs.

The highlight of the seminar is that it shows how certain jobs which seem impossible on Word can be done simply and effectively.

Objective of the Seminar

The objective of the seminar is to save time and money for the company by saving precious time of the top managers in using their most commonly used software tools, namely MS Word and PowerPoint.

Benefits of the Seminar

This seminar directly benefits businesses by reducing manager's fatigue and improving his efficiency through little known tips and tricks on MS Word and Powerpoint. The trainer, being a senior manager himself, understands what exactly managers use these tools for and hence knows what the managers need to know to save time for their routine activities on Word and PowerPoint.

Why Us

Prem Kamble has worked as a senior professional for several years and has been using computers to prepare articles, documents and presentations since the first version of MS Word and PowerPoint were released. Having been a senior executive himself, he understands the need of the senior professionals in the company.

Profile of Prem Kamble

An engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta and Advanced Management from Mewes System, Germany, Prem has over 20 years of experience in Information technology for businesses. With a right mix of People, Process and Technology (PPT) expertise, he specialises in Business Process Automation focused on business objectives and people. Having managed IT on behalf of both IT user companies and SEI CMM Level 5 software manufacturing companies, he has expertise right from high level IT Strategies, Change Management, Strategies for IT implementations, upto down to earth system architecture and software delivery. With his close study of the businesses and people, he brings the insight to develop business solutions that work for businesses and people. Please see the profile in Annexure I


The duration of the seminar will be Half day (4 hours)