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Art of Delegating: My Best Practices  
My personal experience of how to make delegation effective so that both the manager and delegates are at ease, yet the customer gets best service.

Prem Kamble's Research, & eJournals in which Papers have been Distributed  
This page lists the academic/ research papers by Prem Kamble which have been published in various ejournals. Against each paper/ article is given a list of ejournals in which it has been published. The page has been updated to add the paper "Art of Delegation: Best Practices" and the journals where being published.

Is God a Myth? updated

History of physical science shows that several theories had been developed right from the stone age to explain the physical world. They were at that time regarded as gospel truth till new theories evolved and the old ones collapsed. To cite just one, the earth was believed to be flat and the sun believed to be revolving around the earth. We believed in them so much that we were ready to kill someone who said otherwise or who opposed these theories. Since some very staunch beliefs in the past have crumbled and appear ridiculously funny today, should we be ready to accept that some of our current beliefs may also meet the same fate? Will they turn out to be myths?

Could the concept of God be one such myth today?

Rules of Effective Meetings or Group Discussions  
How to conduct effective meetings, group discussions or Brain storming sessions at work to attain meeting objectives. Article also discusses how to impress in group discussions, say in MBA adminssions interviews

CEO's Key to IT Transformation & Organizational Agility  
Updated the article with new thoughts and ideas.

A Postmortem of RTO System: Processware Lapses  
An analysis of the computerised system at the govt office of RTO. Major flaws in processware are found which could have been easily avoided to give a much better customer experience and save time and money for the applicants

Sketches and Paintings by Prem Kamble  
Added sketches and a painting

Songs sung by Prem Kamble  
Added two more YouTube videos of my songs "Ye Shaam Mastani" and "Roop Tera Mastana" List of All my Major Pages/ Links on Web  
This is an external link and is listed here as it gives a list of all major pages and links related to Prem Kamble.

Subconscious Mind: Breaking Free from Self-Made Barriers  
Our actions are controlled by our Subconscious Mind, on which we have no control. Knowing your Mind helps us break free from our hidden self-made barriers, get insights into ourselves and people's behavior.

Need of Behavioral IT® in Software Product Management  
Implementation phase, which is the last mile in Product Life Cycle is the most critical and weakest link in the chain, is often ignored by the Product Managers. Behavioral IT ensures success of this critical phase

Quotable Quotes from My Blog: Thus Spake Prem Kamble  
Some quotable quotes from various articles of Prem Kamble on IT, Management, Psychology, Spirituality, etc. presented as a slide show. Extracts from various articles in Prem's blog.

Behavioral IT®:Is the IT Scenario Really So Rosy?  
There is so much euphoria about IT. Miracles of IT like the internet, on-line services like banking, shopping, home delivery of goods, cab-booking services, GPRS, etc. have made life so much easier for us. On the other hand, the world is complaining about the VUCA (Vulnerability, Uncertainly, Confusion and Ambiguity) world and disruptions created by IT. The picture looks so very rosy on one side and so gloomy on the other. Why this dichotomy? Is the IT Scenario Really So Rosy?

Behavioral IT®: Coping with IT Disruptions  
The vehicle of businesses runs on two uneven wheels - one wheel (technology) runs at jet speed and the other (people) at bullock cart speed. It is extremely important to address this "inertia of the human mind" to sustain businesses.

Behavioral IT® - Addressing the IT Woes of Businesses & Top Professionals  
Behavioral IT® is a multi-desciplinary approach to address the IT-Woes of both Businesses (Over 70% failures) and Top Executives (Fear of IT) in a world disrupted by IT-Driven Change

Improving Employability Skills among Engineering Students  
I was given ready content from a US university and asked to conduct Employability Training to Engg. College students. As an industry professional, I found the content too theoretical and not effective. I created my own content and found an effective & fun way of improving employability. Instead of cosmetic improvements in presentation style, personality development, language skills,etc., I found ways to make them internally and technically stronger, so that they succeed not in their first inerview after college, but through their entire career

Prem Spirituality ModelTM - An Introduction  
Prem Spirituality ModelTM by Prem Kamble tries to promote a more scientific study of spirituality. It attempts to free spirituality from the locked doors of temples and faith based religions and move it to universities and research labs. It tries to open the doors to a more scientific study of spiritual world. Just as physical power is now in the hands of the common man through scientific study of physical world through discoveries of tools and gadgets, scientific study of spiritual world will make mind power accessible to every common man.

Prem Spirituality ModelTM - Ringing in a Spiritual Revolution  
Prem Kamble presents a "scientific" model to speed up the onset of Spiritual Revolution. It provides a more scientific definition of spirituality and opens the door to further research. Prem Kamble proposes that spirituality should break the shackles of religion and the closed doors of temples and should be researched in universities and laboratories. It is based on his book "God in Two Minutes" and was presented as a paper in the 8th International Conference on Spirituality held in Bangalore in June 2018.

Author of the Month interview of Prem Kamble
Prem Kamble's interview as the "Author of the Month" published in IIT Bombay website. Prem Kamble talks about his book "God in Two Minutes".

Peopleware Deployment in IT Projects updated

Deployment planning is normally limited to planning of Hardware and software infrastructure deployment. There is a third planning which is required which I call Peopleware Deployment, i.e., how people will interact with the application. Read how Passport Office messed it up...

Steering A Failed ERP Implementation Back on Track   updated

A real life story of how a PeopleSoft ERP Implementation which had not delivered the results and was in doldrums was brought back on track. Books for three years were not closed worldwide, and all reporting was in excel. "Lessons Learnt" section is updated.

Tapping the Skills of a Hobbyist Developer

This is a real story of getting extra-ordinary performance from ordinary people. In this experiment, I chose to engage not a trained computer programmer with attractive degrees or proven experience, but a boy who was programming for fun as a hobby and working in a non-IT department (he had obviously not got a job in his area of interest due to lack of IT degrees).

In my department, he had to be handled with care to ensure that the seasoned professionals did not put him in the rut and kill his creativity. With little care, trust and freedom to experiment, he developed into a very creative solution provider and provided unique solutions for my company which none of the traditional experts could have done.

Steering A Failed ERP Implementation Back on Track  updated

A real life story of how a PeopleSoft ERP Implementation which had not delivered the results and was in doldrums was brought back on track. Books for three years were not closed worldwide, and all reporting was in excel. "Lessons Learnt" section is updated.

From Fresh Graduate Trainee to Expert  updated

How a fresh graduate trainee was transformed into an expert in a supposedly very difficult technology - Computer Telephony Interface. "Lessons Learnt" section is updated.

From Bench to Centre of Excellence  updated

How a relatively inexperienced team sitting on the bench (unassigned developers who have no live projects and are waiting for new projects/ orders to arrive) gave birth to a Centre of Excellence of an emerging technology "Lessons Learnt" section is updated.

Seminar on Behavioral IT
Seminar for Business Heads, Department Heads and Senior Managers on Behavioral IT™, a skill required by all managers in this IT-Driven World.

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Indians! Wake up to Fight Corruption & Goonda Raj updated

Goondaism and Injustice are direct result of Corruption. Indians have to rise not only to fight corruption but throw away the Goonda Raj like we did the British Raj

My Trademarks
List of Words and Phrases coined by me for which I have the trademarks. Google search on these phrases throws out Prem Kamble's web pages almost on the top of the page. Screenshots of Google outputs on these terms are also reproduced.

Behavioral IT updated

Behavioral IT is a New Term coined by me. It is a study of behavioural aspects of IT Implementations that can make a difference between success and failure of IT projects.

People and Process Issues in ERP Implementation  Real life story of PeopleSoft HR ERP implementation which required tightening of people and process discipline to ensure that it was brought back from the brink of failure.

Time Swing Analysis   Time Swing Analysis™ is a method evolved by Prem Kamble which helps to learn from the past and apply the learning to current situations in order to make then easier and simpler to deal with. Read this article by Prem Kamble

Students Feedback on Course at IIM Indore  

Copies of Student Feedback forms

Behavioral IT™ Course for MBA Students (New)

This is the course on Behavioral IT for MBA students, already delivered at IIM Indore.

Behavioral IT™ – Manager’s Don’t Need IT Skills, They Need Behavioral IT Skills  (New) Behavioral IT™ is a New Term coined by me. It is a study of behavioural aspects of IT Implementations that can make a difference between success and failure of IT projects. Read this article by Prem Kamble

Steering A Failed ERP Implementation Back on Track   (New) A real life story of how a PeopleSoft ERP Implementation which had not delivered the results and was in doldrums was brought back on track. Books for three years were not closed worldwide, and all reporting was in excel.