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I have a rich experience in IT management and change management, with over 20 years in Information technology - both as CIO and as senior professional in SEI CMM Level 5 software companies. I set a record of completing all software projects on time in a CMM level 5 company. (Please see achievements and Client Testimonials ).
My special interest apart from technology has been the people aspect of IT,  i.e., impact of IT on  humans, how human nature plays a part in the success or failure of computerization projects I have written about the psychology of change from Industrial era to Information era . With high people orientation, I have been successful in software development projects as well as in IT implementation projects . You can read about the key factors behind the success.

I have discussed strategies to ensure that computers can make an impact on businesses , and strategies for management to concentrate on business rather than on technology

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Author of 'God in Two Minutes'
- My Blog on Spirituality & Psychology

This section of my site lists my views on God, about religion and spirituality, and in general on the meaning of life. My book God in Two Minutes, available at, is an eye-opener. The book discusses the possible gaps in our current understanding of God and Religion, paints a piciture of possible future developments in 'Spiritual Science' with the ultimate objective of bridging the global religious divide.Click here to preview the book at Amazon.

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I, Prem U Kamble (known to some as P U Kamble) am a Computer Professional and author of articles on God and Religion and on Computer Management.

I am an engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), and management graduate (with specialization in Systems) from Indian Institute of Management(I.I.M.), the most reputed technology and management institutes respectively in the country.    Read more ...

My Articles

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“A time will come when man will look back and say 'Once upon a time, there lived barbarians on this earth who believed in several religions, and they killed their fellow beings in the name of God'” . - from my book God in Two Minutes
What is it?
“I can foresee a world united again, a world where man will not be divided by religion. Religion will be 'scientifically' explained and we will see that there is only one so called 'God' , which is nothing but a power within each one of us. Man will see his folly” . - from my book God in Two Minutes
“COMPUTERISATION can take the path of routine work reduction if it is not given a direction and meaning by the business expert...” - Read on ...
“ Not all actions are results of our conscious decisions. Most actions are driven by the subconscious mind on which we have little control. This insight can help us better understand people and improve relations” - Read about Subconscious Mind...

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Is God a Myth?

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