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This article is an introduction to my paper presented at the 8th International Conference on "Sustainable and Human Development Through Spirituality, Peace Economics and Peace Science" on 6th April, 2018 at Hotel Le Meridian at Bangalore, India. The paper has been published in International Journal of Exclusive Management Research, June 2018.
You can read the full paper online on this link (with latest updates), or download the published paper as pdf at SSRN (Social Science Research Network)).

Prem Spirituality ModelTM by Prem Kamble tries to promote a more scientific study of spirituality. It attempts to free spirituality from the locked doors of temples and faith based religions and move it to universities and research labs. It tries to open the doors to a more scientific study of spiritual world.

Scientific study of the physical world and discovery of machines gave extra muscle-power in the hands of the common man and computers provided brain-power. Likewise, scientific study of spiritual world will make mind power accessible to every common man.

The full Model is explained in another article. My ebook God in Two Minutes (downloadable at Amazon) builds on this model to explore the possible origin of the idea of god and religion, and envisions a future Spiritual Revolution - a revolution driven by scientific study of Spirituality. Spiritual Revolution will bring all religions under one umbrella of spirituality, with "scientifically" explained, documented and repeatable common Laws of Spiritual Science. Spiritual science will replace religions.



The world has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Development in science has revolutionalised the way we live and work. What led to this sporadic growth of scientific inventions were the developments in physical science. More precisely, it was the development of mathematics which led to opening of the floodgates. Mathematics provided a language to express and document the physical laws of universe, which were then used to our advantage to automate activities which were earlier done manually or were not even possible manually, like flying in sky (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1:   In the early stage of human history, the knowledge of spirituality (red line) grew much faster than knowledge of physical science (blue line). After the advent of mathematics, the knowledge of physical science grew by leaps and bounds, whereas the knowledge of spirituality has stagnated, or actually declined.

The figure above plots the growth path of studies in spirituality and physical sciences over time. The red line shows how spiritual knowledge grew over time and the blue line indicates the growth of physical sciences. The initial spurt in the red line indicates that in the early stage of human history, the knowledge of spirituality was more advanced than knowledge of physical science. After the advent of mathematics, physical science has grown by leaps and bounds surpassing spiritual knowledge, whereas spiritual pursuit has stagnated, or actually declined.

Why is it that the growth of spiritual knowledge has not been as sporadic as that in physical science?

Before mathematics and physics, all physical phenomena like rain, wind, lightening, eclipse, days and nights were believed to be creations of god. Everything that was not understood was supposed to be creations of god. Mathematics and physics explained some of these physical phenomena and freed them from the realm of religion and god. The language of mathematics which worked wonders in physical sciences failed miserably to explain the spiritual phenomena like happiness or misery, success or failure and destiny. Hence, while the physical phenomena exited the realm of god and religion and entered the realm of scientific enquiry, Spiritual phenomena remained in the hands of god.

Prem believes that Spiritual knowledge can multiply only through scientific pursuit.. Mathematics and physics brought the Industrial and Information revolution. The next big revolution will be the Spiritual Revolution, provided there is scientific research on spirituality.

Prem Spirituality ModelTM

Prem has proposed a model, called "Prem Spirituality Model" which can help hasten the Spiritual Revolution through scientific pursuit. "Prem" here stands for "Love", ("Prem" means love in Hindi language), as Love is an important constituent of this model.

Prem Spirituality Model will help take spirituality to the path of scientific research. There is a need for a language like mathematics. The model will open the doors to the definition of a new mathematical language for spirituality, which Prem calls "Mentomatics" (Click on this link or Google on "Mentomatics" to know more). Once Mentomatics is developed, it will open the floodgates to scientific development of Spirituality. Spiritual Science will zoom just as physical sciences zoomed after the discovery of mathematics. Spiritual Science will help to understand the spiritual laws of the universe and lead to inventions like we experienced in physical science.

Most importantly, religion will also be mentomatically explained and the world will no longer be divided by religions.

The Model is discussed in more details in this paper which was presented in an international conference on Spirituality. The paper is limited to using the Prem Spirituality Model to define Spirituality, explain the possible meaning of enlightenment and to introduce the concept of Mentomatics. My ebook titled God in Two Minutes (downloadable at Amazon) provides further advanced reading. The book builds on "Prem Spirituality Model" to explain the origin of God and Religion, how the "method of god and religion" works for spiritual and mental upliftment, but at the same time the method has had a serious side effect - the world today is seriously divided by religion.

The book uses the model to explain the pitfalls of this faith-based method. There is an inherent flaw in the method which has resulted into not only a big religious divide, but also violence and bloodshed in the name of religion. It is said that the number of deaths due to religious strife is more than the deaths due to all natural calamities put together. Prem Spirituality Model can help bridge this religious divide and usher in the spiritual revolution.

The ebook God in Two Minutes elaborates on concepts not covered or briefly touched upon in this paper like "marriage of convenience between the concept of God and the concept of Religion", Mentomatics, Spiritual Science as a superset of Physical and Quantum science, etc. The book peeps into what the world will look like with Mentomatics. For instance, temples may be replaced by Spiritual Clinics where you may get prescription how to raise your spiritual state, a prescription to reach a particular height in the spiritual space! Sounds ridiculous, impossible and unthinkable, right? Just as the ancient man would have to 'think of the unthinkable' to imagine today's inventions of the industrial revolution, today we have to 'think the unthinkable' to imagine the possibilities of post Spiritual Revolution era.

Further Reading

You can read the full article on "Prem Spirituality Model" based on a paper submitted at an international conference on spirituality at this link. My ebook God in Two Minutes (downloadable at Amazon) builds on this model to explore the possible origin of religion/concept of god, and envisions a world without religions post the Spiritual Revolution - a revolution driven by scientific study of Spirituality. Spiritual Revolution will bring all religions under one umbrella of spirituality, with "scientifically" explained, documented and repeatable common Laws of Spiritual Science.


Prem Spirituality Model provides a "Scientific" Model* which tries to -
  1. break Spirituality free from the closed doors of temples and shackles of faith and enter Universities and research Laboratories to help develop Spirituality as a Science
  2. find a simple, realistic, definition of Spirituality with less religious and more scientific flavour
  3. provide the key to Mentomatics, a breakthrough language for spiritual studies, just as Mathematics is the language for study of physical science
  4. find much easier ways for common people to harness the powers of spirituality as the spiritual power is already latent in each one of us
  5. hasten the onset of spiritual revolution. Spiritual powers and mind power will no longer be the prerogative of the select few, they will be available to the common man, just the way industrial revolution brought muscle power in the hands of common man
(*Note: I have used "Scientific" within quotes because present science may not be adequate to explain Spiritual science. We may need to develop a new "Science" to explain spirituality, just as we may need a new language of Mentomatics.)  

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