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My Wordpress Blog contains articles on IT Management, Psychology, Spirituality and Politics. IT articles are Snippets with Real-life situations and learnings in my professional life - in the areas of system study, design, development, people management, user management, top management involvement, end-user involvement, application maintenance, implementation and change management.

The following is a full list of artiles.

On IT Management/Change Management
Behavioral IT® – Coping with IT Disruptions

Technology changes fast, but it takes generations to change the minds and behaviour of people. The real problem is not technology, but the basic human instinct of resisting change. The vehicle of business runs on two uneven wheels - one wheel (technology) runs at jet speed and the other (people) at bullock cart speed. It is extremely important to address this "inertia of the human mind" to sustain businesses.

Improving Employability Skills among Engineering Students

I was asked to conduct Employability Training to Engg. College students with some ready content from a US university. As an industry person, I found the content too theoretical. I created my own effective & fun way of improving employability, with a slogan "Just Do IT"

IT Euphoria – A Reality or Delusion?

It may not be apparent, but we are right now going through the turmoil of the Information Revolution, just as we went through the turmoil of the industrial revolution. This post tries to bring you face to face with this turmoil, and explores ways to avoid the turmoil.

Berners-Lee's Definition of Digital Divide – Beg to Differ

The cause of infamous ERP failures is not lack of programming knowledge, but lack of what I call Computer Awareness among the CEO's,Dept. heads, and senior managers who are involved in the implementations or use of IT solutions.

IT Needs a Facelift – Building Brand IT

The CIO's task in brand building is doubly tough as the general impression about IT and IT folks is, unfortunately, not so great. Comments like "IT folks do not understand business", "They are in their own world", "IT Folks don't listen, they think they are always right", etc. etc. are not uncommon. In this backdrop, I believe that there is a need to first build a "BRAND IT".

Change Management Needs a Change

Change Management today has new connotations as change is mostly IT Driven. Managing IT Driven Change needs special skills and awareness of computers.

We are all Experiencing the Turmoil of Information Revolution

The world has gone through the turmoil of Industrial revolution and learnt its lessons as afterthoughts. We are now going through the turmoil of Information revolution and should learn from the history to come out winners.

The Legacy of the Machine Age

We are still living in the Machine age mindset though we are now into information age. This mindset is the legacy of the industrial age and we need to come out of it.

My Experience with the Best and the Worst CEO for Computerization

This is my real story of an incident with the best CEO, Mr. SC Jolly. During my over 25 years of experience as CIO, I have seen that there are some CEOs who have the right attitude and outlook for IT Driven change and there are others who are really struggling to manage IT.

I found Mr. SC Jolly, or rather he found me

My Wordpress post on Mr Jolly helped me reconnect with him. His son in USA found my blog while searching on "SC Jolly"

Need for IT Awareness amongst CEOs and Senior Professionals

CEOs need to be more IT Aware rather than IT Literate. What is IT Awareness as against IT Literacy?

Challenges of being an in-house IT Head

IT Head's job is tight rope walking. The article discusses the challenges of an IT Professional of being Head of IT in an in-house IT set-up as against being in a software company.

Creating a Strong Team by Using Individual Strengths

It is the manager's skill to get the best out of his team. A good manager uses the strengths of individuals in the team and plays down on their weaknesses.

Drawing a Balance between Customer Pressures and Employee Pressures

CIO's job is tight rope walkinig - he has to balance the pressures of his customers and his employees. The IT professionals are premium and scarce skills so need to be handled with care.

Customer Satisfaction (CSat) Survey for ITs

While Customer Satisfaction (CSat) surveys can be good to improve services in most cases, in IT, my experience is that it can be detrimental to the organization if the IT head is too conscious of how his customers view him, or if he tries to please his customers in order to get good CSat surveys.

How and why IT fails – My interview in CyberMedia India Online Magazine

What makes IT a success and causes of failure. It is usually people who make it a success or failure.

Finding the Best IT Professionals

How do you decide who is best suited for an IT job? I personally give more emphasis to attitude than skills and intelligence. IT field is so vast that no one can be a master. But a person with attitude to learn is more likely to  succeed. 

Ensuring Master Data Accuracy and Currency in Live Systems

Strategies to ensure master data accuracy, accuracy and currency in live data.

My Articles on Computers/ IT Management

On Psychology/Subconscious Mind
My Articles on Subconscious Mind

On Spirituality
Will the World Survive – My Reply to Dr Stephen Hawking, renowned Physicist

My reply to a question posted by Dr. Stephen Hawking, world renowned physicist - "In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?"

On Politics/Current Affairs
Bacchon ki Kasam

Opposition to the corruption movement from the criminals and the corrupt was expected and I am sure AAP was prepared for it. What caught them on the wrong foot was this unexpected spirited opposition and hate campaign from these religious fanatics.

Indians! Wake Up to Fight Corruption and Goonda Raj!

We Indians have been conditioned to accept goondaism as a part of our life. Moreover, the fear of goonda elements has been drilled deeply into the Indian psyche. Our films have nicely conditioned us to firmly believe that if you act against these power brokers, goonda elements will finish you and your family.

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