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  1. Who are we?

We are living beings, like any other living being on earth, who take birth, live and perish. We are made up of living cells and our body has a physiology. There is nothing special about human beings as compared to other living beings, except for higher intellect and (may be) more intense feelings.

  1. What are we made up of?

We are made of living cells like any other living being on earth.

  1. Where do we come from when we are born?

Nature takes its course and we are born. Just as living cells reproduce, humans reproduce and a new life is formed.

  1. Where do we go after death?

We simply cease to exist - just that there is one less human being on earth or in the universe. We don't go anywhere after death because we simply aren't there.

  1. Why do we live?

We live because we are born. Each one finds or attempts to find a purpose to live.

  1. Why is there suffering in the world?

Because living beings have a sensation called pain and a mind which experiences mental pain apart from physical pain. Humans have not yet developed even a primitive method to avoid mental pain.

  1. How can we avoid suffering?

Suffering cannot be avoided. Man will in future develop ways to experience it without sorrow. Spiritual revolution, which will be the next revolution, will show him ways to live and smile in spite of suffering.

  1. Which is the way (or which are the ways) to reach truth or to gradually get closer to reaching it?

There is no such thing as reaching truth. What man needs to strive for is to reach a "state of mind" which is associated with high spiritual powers, intense love, happiness, peace and tranquility. That is what man is striving for even today and he has found primitive ways to do it in his method of God and religion. But today's methods are slow, inaccurate, and full of flaws, pitfalls and adverse effects.

To devise better ways, we need to first acknowledge that the current method of God and religion is not fully relevant to our times. We need to open our eyes to the possibility of better methods. We need to come out of the closed minds that the current method has pushed us into, and look for a better, much faster new age method.

In my article God and Religion - A New Look, I have discussed steps to make a beginning towards spirituality.

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