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Chapter-wise Extracts of "God in Two Minutes"

These are extracts from my book "God in Two Minutes" :  


1.    Foreword


What I have discussed in the book is not science, not religion, nor 'heavy' philosophy. It is plain and simple common sense .....



We will see that we are endowed with phenomenal mental energy, and that it is entirely in our hands to tap this energy ....



The mathematical graphs and diagrams may give an impression that this book is highly technical. Relax! This book is for the common man, not only for philosophers or scientists  ....




2.     Physical World and Mental/ Spiritual World


Certain combination of our feelings put us in a low energy position in the mental space, whereas some other measure of our feelings may correspond to high-energy state ....


Our mental state at any given time can be plotted as a unique point in the mental space. With every shift in our mood or in the intensity of our feelings, we would move to a new point and hence to a different state of mind ...



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3.     Physical Science and Mental/ Spiritual Science


Mathematics helped to explain the laws of physical space. However,  Mathematics and Calculus proved inadequate to explain the spiritual phenomena ....


I believe that there will be a completely new science and a new language, which I call Mentomatics, that will explain the laws of mental space and unfold the spiritual laws of the universe ....


A time will come when you would have a mentomatical method to reach high-energy state within minutes or even seconds  ....




4.    What is God


Attaining God is reaching the high-energy zones in the mental space. That is where Buddha reached, and so did Mahavir, Christ, and Mohammed ...


God is a personification of our own mental energy, both latent and active - the energy that is available within every human being. The concept of God is a method to activate this energy ....


It is because of a great fallacy that belief in such so-called miracles, miraculous objects and miraculous god-men has a snowballing effect and spreads like wild fire ....  


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5.    What is Religion?



Religion originated as a code of conduct. The ancient learned men created a set of norms related to positive thinking, good social behavior and good hygiene for the common man


The Learned men  probably found an easy way to convince people to follow hygiene, to avoid disease and at the same time ensure compliance - they gave a religious tinge by saying that it was the "will of God" or the "word of God"


The learned men created the "baby walker" called Religion for the common man to learn to walk in the spiritual space



6.    The Method of God and Religion - The Deadly Side Effect



Concept of God and religion is a psycho-therapeutic method that helps us to reach the Godly zones, to reach a state of mind with positive feelings and very high energy


The method of God and religion is slow, not easy to follow, nor very accurate,  but it is one of the best available methods today. [It lacks the precision of Mentomatics]


There are more deaths due to religious killings than deaths due to all other causes combined like natural calamities, disease, floods, accidents, etc.


The method of God and religion was good for individuals, it has not worked for the world which is bleeding.


The method of God and religion, which was devised with all noble intentions, has become a curse to mankind. This is a result of a basic flaw in the method itself.



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7.    Flaw in the Method - The Faith Trap


The concept of God and religion is a man-made tool to initiate people into spirituality. Faith gives the edge to this best available tool today.


The big mistake that man has made is that he did not realise that faith is also the greatest flaw in this method. It is like a double-edged sword.



Faith in our current method has blinded us from even attempting to look for a better method to spirituality and to explain the spiritual laws.


Just like law of Gravitational forces, there exists a spiritual law. Scriptures have tried to explain the Spiritual Law by using the concept of God




8.     The Greatest Human Mistake - Where we went wrong



A kid needs a walker to learn to walk. Once it learns to walk, it discards the walker. If it continues to hold on to the walker, it will not be able to walk


God and Religion is the walker (given by the ancient learned saints) which helps to toddle in the spiritual space. To sprint in this space, you need to cast it off.


"THE GREATEST HUMAN BLUNDER" is that we did not discard the walker. We have remained toddlers in spiritual space though we grew up


A baby is made aware of life first through fairy tales and as he grows, with real life stories. Due to information revolution and mass media, common man is also maturing, but is not ready to give up the fairy tales.


Man has got so attached to the tool which he used in Kindergarten that he is unable to give it up. So he is unable to graduate to higher classes.


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9.       Other Consequences of The Great Human Mistake


The half learned men or the cheats who have twisted religion for personal gains and easy money. They created some rituals to fill their own coffers.


Generally when some principles and procedures are communicated from generation to generation, they get distorted. More so if their objective or purpose is not known



The religious rituals have got distorted with the passage of time as they got passed from generation to generation. Some of them have no relevance today, but nobody dares to change them


Religion is an outdated, primitive tool which has not evolved over time because of its inherent flaw - the tool requires that you have faith in it and faith blinds you

Not only religion is an outdated tool, it has got corrupted and distorted by some half learned priests and touts.



10.    Need For a Fresh Look


Religion and religious beliefs were relevant at one time, but most of them are no longer relevant today.


The present beliefs have actually trapped us in a vicious circle, in a closed world so that we can never look outside.


Religions have something to learn from Businesses. Just as businesses have realised the need to re-engineer their obsolete processes, there is a need to 're-engineer' the religion.


Whenever we follow processes without knowing the purpose, we tend to drift from our goal. The means are  wrongly mistaken as the goal.



In case of Religion, processes are followed without knowing the real purpose. Conditions have changed, technology has changed, but we still believe in the age old rituals without having a fresh look.


Businesses make continuity plans - Come what may, the business must go on. Similarly, a continuity plan is required for spiritual learning and growth.



Mankind started with kindergarten of spiritual education but remained in kindergarten due to lack of continuity plan.

We should be prepared to accept that some of the beliefs which we vouch for today may be as primitive as the "Rahu and Ketu" stories of lunar eclipse, or the flat earth theory.


Let there be no Socrates and Galileos tortured and humiliated. If we do not learn from the history of physical world, we will ridicule and banish some bright ideas like those of Socrates and Galileo.


What we forget is that physical sciences cannot explain the spiritual world - there is need for a new spiritual science to be developed.

We do a dispassionate and objective study of physical science. But today's study of spiritual science requires that you get emotionally involved with a religion.

Spiritual science developed using mentomatics will not only explain spiritual world, it will also encompass quantum physics and classical physics of the physical world





After the Industrial and Information Revolutions, it is the turn of the Spiritual Revolution. There will be methods available for instant spirituality or "spirituality-in-two-minutes".

Our ability to measure distance, mass and time marked the onset of mathematical study of Physical world. Our ability to measure feelings could open the doors to mentomatical study of Spiritual Science.


If he had said that moving along land is the only way, he would not have invented aeroplanes.

I can foresee a world united again. Religion will be 'scientifically' or mentomatically explained and we will see that that there is only one God who is within each one of us


A time will come when man will look back and say "Once upon a time, there lived barbarians on this earth who believed in several Gods and they killed their fellow beings in the name of religion."